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Project Management: Exploring The Essential Secrets To Success

business secrets What are the two main responsibilities of a Project manager?

•    Complete all projects successfully (within the budget of course).
•    Finish the projects on time.

So here are the top secrets that can make sure you, as a project manager, complete successful projects to make sure all clients are satisfied.

  1. Have the right team in place. A great team delivers great project results. You need to make sure that all the members in your team’s skills and experience fit together; you also need to make sure that there is trust between everyone to ensure that everyone works well together.
  2. Have all the project details before taking on the project. This is absolutely essential as if you miss any crucial details, you can make mistakes and produce very unhappy clients. You need to make sure that you know all the facts; budget, date, goal, etc.
  3. Set realistic and clear expectations. At times projects managers make promises that they cannot deliver to their clients. This causes mistrust and frustration. Even if you are trying your best to impress your client, it is always best to be honest and straight forward about what they can expect and when they can expect it. The best way to ensure realistic expectations and mutual understandings is to have a kick-off meeting where you can discuss goals and expectations with everyone (team and clients).
  4.  Have a successful managing system that everyone is able to understand. There are various methods of planning and communication that will help better communication and lesson misunderstandings. Trello is a great project management system that your team as well as your clients can have access to in order to see what is going on.
  5. Avoid micromanaging.  Make sure you guide your team without suffocating them. Balance is key. Having short weekly meetings to catch-up with your team and keep track of their progress is the best way to make sure you are managing your team without breathing down their necks.
  6. Clearly delegate work and provide realistic, clear-cut deadlines. Determine who on your team is responsible for all the various tasks. They should take accountability for their tasks and know what is expected of them.
  7. Award your team. In order to build incentive, make sure you reward hard work and celebrate with your team when milestones are reached. This will ensure that you gain respect and hard work from your team.

To further improve yourself as a project manager, take a look at various project management courses that can transform you into a thriving, successful project manager.

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