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What do You Need to Start Your Own Business?

PS ProfessionalPerhaps you’re launching a new business and need to get your feet off the ground, or maybe you feel like your current business is stagnating. The road to success is paved with dedication, hard work and trial and error – luckily for you, instead of learning from your own errors, you can learn from the mistakes and successes of pioneers in the business world.


5 Things Employees Need from their Leader – According to Research!

prince2 foundationEmployees don’t need a boss who is their friend; they need a leader. The same way that employers have expectations for their employees, there are certain expectations employees have for their manager/boss.

This makes for a successful work environment whereby everyone gets what they need; good leadership will lead to a productive team. Here are 5 important things that employees need from their leader – according to research:

What You Need to Know About Adopting Agile

accredited coursesAgile has been on everyone’s lips lately. Organisations are toying with whether or not they should change their project management system to an agile one. While there are some organisations who make this transition smoothly and thrive on agile methods, there are many more organisations who can also implement this method.

Marrying Prince2 & Agile

Prince2 AgileWhile many oppose the notion of combining two completely different methodologies, there are strengths that both methodologies can bring to the workplace when merged. In Stature’s very popular course, Prince2 Agile, project managers are guided through the process of combining both of the distinct management styles.


How PS Professional Develops Outstanding Consultants

PS Professional certificationConsultants face a very competitive working environment due to the increasing employees, customers, partners and changes in the industry. The significant expectations placed on PS teams and consultants have also increased. More than just technical skills is needed for complex professional services. The development of crucial personal, commercial and non-technical skills and competencies are often overlooked even though these skills are crucial.


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