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Agile Essentials

Accredited courses with their examinations and 5-day duration have their attraction – suited especially for the high achievers with the available time to invest.

But in this busy world we live in there are many priorities tugging at our busy schedules and diverse demands.  There are moments in our life where we don’t have the time or the funding to attend the accredited course on a particular subject but we need to know the essentials of the subject.

Many people from an ICT environment have heard of Agile practises but are uncertain as to what Agile actually means and what its practises entail for both the individual and a team working within a software development environment This Agile Essentials course will remove this uncertainty.

It can also be used to obtain a “primer” before attending the more rigorous APMG accredited AgilePM® course.  Busy executives can use the course to equip them to make decisions without the need to attend exams (and the possible embarrassment if you fail).

This outstanding course will provide you with value-for-money and value-for-time.  You shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Design basis

We are accredited to present the UK-based AgilePM® course and we have built this Agile Essentials course as a preparatory course for the AgilePM® course.  It applies the same high standards of presentation as the AgilePM® globally recognised course for which we are accredited.

Course duration

2 days

The Package

Included in the cost of the course are:

  • A concise workbook that includes copies of the slides with notes and a sample programme
  • An attendance certificate

Who should attend?

  • Middle and senior management of organisations working in an agile environment
  • Technical members of development teams
  • Project managers managing projects in an agile environment or wanting to manage projects in an agile environment.
  • Anyone wanting a basic understanding of agile practises and the various agile approaches
  • Those who intend attending the demanding AgilePM® foundation and practitioner courses

Trainer Profile

The Stratsure trainer for this course has been an accredited PRINCE2® trainer for four years and is an accredited AgilePM® practitioner and trainer.

Course content

  1. Introduction to Agile Methodologies
    What is Agile? Agile vs Traditional, The different Agile methodologies, differences between them and areas of similarity, Agile principles, Agile Manifesto.
  2. Scrum Framework
    What is SCRUM? Characteristics of teams, Roles, ceremonies, artifacts.
  3. User Stories
    What is a user story? Who writes them? Relationship between user stories and user requirements documentation, Characteristics of good user stories, The 3 C’s, user personas, user story mapping, wireframes.
  4. Agile estimation
    What is estimation? Principles of Agile estimation, Waterfall vs Agile, Release backlog, How to estimate?
  5. Agile Planning
    Why plan in Agile? Planning: Agile Approach, Timeboxing, Iteration planning, Sprint Planning Meeting, Release planning.
  6. Retrospective
    What is a retrospective? Retrospective structure,
  7. Extreme Programming (XP), KANBAN
    What is XP? Refactoring, test driven development
    What is KANBAN? KANBAN principles, KANBAN and SCRUM similarities/differences
  8. Agile Communication
    Importance of good communication, information radiators, distributed vs co-located teams, osmotic communication, Active listening,